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iphone Tyler of Cherry Villian   Blockhead App for iOSThe mobile app market is growing at a phenomenal rate. By being an early adopter, you can gain a significant advantage for your business by putting your app in the hands of millions of potential, targeted users.

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timthumb Tyler of Cherry Villian   Blockhead App for iOSYour brand on millions of devices literally right in front of people’s faces. App review sites will put your app (and business) on hundreds of high-traffic sites. Your users will learn about and interact with your business in new and compelling ways.

More sales

preston headshot karting Tyler of Cherry Villian   Blockhead App for iOSYour app is another source of prospects for your sales funnel. Highly targeted and hands-on, they have invested time and attention into your products and services. Your app enables an intimate purchasing experience that can be personally tailored for your new, and returning, customers.

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Screen shot 2010 10 07 at 16.43.04 161x300 Tyler of Cherry Villian   Blockhead App for iOSWelcome to Machindo Apps. Pragmatic app design for the mobile market.

Mobile devices and smartphones are a huge growth sector. Millions of users download free and paid-for apps every day.

Is your business in a position to take advantage of this burgeoning market? And how can an app get you more targeted prospects and brand recognition?

Take advantage of our articles on mobile app development, or get in touch with us to request a quote and start taking your business into the exciting mobile device arena.

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  • Should my App be Free or Paid?
    When thinking about making an app for your business or website, it is important to have a strategy behind what you are doing when it
    Posted on December 1, 2010
  • How To Plan Your App Idea
    So you’ve got a great idea for an app that’s going to take the app store or the marketplace by storm. It’s revolutionary; you’re excited;
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  • ~ Tina Tobin of Luvemorleavem.com – Dead End Relationship Quiz iOS App

    Tina Tobin" A lot of the programmers out there were just really coders, I'm outside of silicon valley so I had my choice of programmers here.

    I had a lot of questions, what makes a good app? How much information should it have? They were the kind of questions they could answer for me. That's what really distinguished them, that they could partner with me and help me with all those things.

    [Watch video testimonial here]"

  • ~ Matt of ‘NoMicIt’ – Official client for iOS

    umicit-iPhoneIcon_Big" Communication between Machindo and nomicit really helped the app development process move along smoothly.

    I have worked with development teams locally and overseas, Machindo surpassed everyone else, both in responsiveness and attention to detail.

    Due to their stellar performance I have chosen to continue working with Machindo for an Android app"

    [Watch video testimonial here]"

  • ~ Tyler of Cherry Villian – Blockhead App for iOS

    Blockhead" Hey David, Thanks so much for the video. Here´s a list of everything I´d like changed:

    - Nothing!

    It looks perfect! Thanks a ton. It´s exactly what I was hoping for. "

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